• Conference at the Bundestag, Berlin, Germany.
  • Konferenz zu Energie- und Umweltpolitik.
  • Vortrag über Schlussfolgerungen zu Energiekosten und Technologien
  • Conference at the Bundestag, Berlin, Germany.

KÜBLER at the closed meeting of the Economic Council in Berlin.

An important event for the energy transition in Berlin - the 22nd Energy and Environmental Policy Conference of the Economic Council. KÜBLER, specialist for energy-saving hall heating systems, is a participant and shares important impressions.

Philipp Nimmermann, State Secretary at the BMWK, noted in his contribution that in future it may no longer be important to distinguish between traditional and renewable energies, but between volatile and controllable energies!

It is really good that these insights for the energy transition in the BMWK are growing with increasing experience.

Thomas Kübler: "We would like to thank our research and development department, which predicted this in its analyses many years ago. Volatility in the generation of renewable energy requires a great deal of flexibility on the consumer side." This is also confirmed by Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm, member of the Federal Government's Expert Council and Professor of Energy Systems and Market Design at the Technical University of Nuremberg (UTN).

"Energy flexibility is in the DNA of our new FUTURA multi-energy IR indoor heating system, alongside its unparalleled efficiency," says Kübler.


Energy flexibility, i.e. the variable use of different energies in one device, is a supreme discipline of modern heating systems. It is the future of energy-efficient hall heating. With FUTURA in combination with modern control systems, users of this pioneering innovation can completely control the volatility of renewables. Optimized according to costs, because volatility also conceals sustainably changing energy prices. It's good when you can reconcile all of this - and do so with maximum usability at economical conditions.

Bit by bit, we are gaining further insights into the energy transition!

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